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Chairman Declare

My colleagues:

    First of all welcome you join kun yu group, this is a rigorous unity, vigorous and rapid development of the team. I hope you continue to work hard, keep making progress, and colleagues work, in the company long-term efficiently, and the company has growth.

    The company strategic target realization, need this big family you, he and I each staff actively develop "innovation, pragmatism, honest, harmonious" spirit of enterprise. I believe what you will pay off, have loyalty will trust. The company will provide you with a fair, just and open competition environment, as long as you have the ability, as long as you can contribute to the development of the company, as long as you paid for the company long-term loyalty, the company will give you hope to return and honor!

    Sincerely wish you all a happy work in the company, the family is happy!

The chairman:Ling taibao     

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